me I like it very much.

Efforts to maintain a spotless mind.
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Either the pills slowly eat me away or I give up, because apparently there is no hope with crohns.


I was kind of happy at first to be getting off of some of my medicine but now I’m getting to be back where I started. So. Yeah.

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Was a good year for our red.

Was a good year for our red.

What is “lunch”, really?

What is “lunch”, really?


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Gilda Radner
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Press Conference

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Today on my run I kinda figured out that I have a lot of fire burning within me. It’s not a good thing if it’s left unchecked, and it comes out in emotions like jealousy and anger and resentment. So I think that I need to figure out a furnace, so to speak, to harness all that fire and turn it into some good energy. Cause right now it’s just exploding everywhere.

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First experience with tinder. What the actual fuck.

First experience with tinder. What the actual fuck.


Can’t sleep. Watching old Trailer Park Boys.

These are the days.


I got attacked by big dogs 3 times when I was growing up and was fearful for my life when around them until I was about 20; never did I imagine I’d get a dog and that that dog would keep me alive many times.

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